Today I was listening to my two friends talking about the political situation in the region. Each of them was putting the blame on one side.. One said that the army and the regime behind it is the one being criminal because it was bombing cities and destroying neighborhoods and he thinks that the proliferation of armed gangs does not justify the fact that they’re doing this.. Another friend was saying that the real offenders are the armed gangs and that the government has to use the army force to eliminate them to protect the country in spite of all the tragedy this brings.
I learned one thing and that is that forgiveness and tolerance is the most important purpose I came to fulfill here on earth. And I’ve come to know that whomever solicits in me feelings of  anger or fear and anxiety is the most important person that can teach me about forgiveness, because it is thanks to him that I realize that I need to be even more forgiving and compassionate. To forgive someone’s “evil deed” is to understand that this person is a human being after all, it is to realize that I myself could be carrying in me the same evil or aggressiveness that he carries inside.. All these are just human experiences .. It's a human thing .. Even "evil" is part of being human ... And even America and the West and all the Nations conspiring against Syria are, according to themselves, conspiring for the good of Syria because they know better .. they think they want to make things better.. it is how things look like from their point of view.

 And the Syrians inside also, or the ones who sympathize with the army and the Syrian regime also want the best for Syria and they are from their point of view defending the interests of Syria.. and the “noble humanitarian values”. ​​..
 "anti-hostility" and "hostility" itself .. “fearing evil" (or "hating evil") and "evil" are only two sides of the same coin ..
they complete each other. To be afraid of someone or to take a defensive stance against him.. we Justify it to ourselves in different ways, but the fact is, that whomever solicits in us feelings of panic or doubt and uncertainty is our most important teacher. He is teaching us about Compassion. compassion is an innocent trust in Divinity.. It is the act of silent witnessing .. it is the act of watching the circumstances and the feelings and the ideas and the judgments passing by .. It is what true patience is about .. if it wasn’t for “Evil” we would have never known what true “goodness” is. If it had not been for hatred and violence we would have never been able to realize the importance of loving and tolerating and being merciful to one another...  to feel Compassion even towards an armed aggressor ... towards the "assassin”..To forgive his evil .. Because this way we will turn all the evils of the world and not just his evil.
because of the laws that govern this universe,  we attract to us that which completes us.. And I say to those who oppose the regime and the government that "he who governs you is very much like you" *(1) and if you do not learn to understand and forgive this system.. to feel compassion towards it, you will remain at war .. At least in your mind ... And sooner or later u will attract someone who will teach you a lesson about compassion.. If you fail to learn you will return again and again and do the whole thing all over again .. Many many times .. "he who gives life again to the bones after they’ve turned into dust", "he who then brings death to it then brings it back to life again" .. **(2)

he who loves is not afraid .. Because the loving person sees the seed of divinity even in the eyes of his assassin. He appreciates it if he sees it, and he is determined to see it everywhere..
Because he believes in it .. This is what real faith is about. It is to have faith in the Divine.
Compassion is an innocent trust.. it is a trust in Divinity.
And I also say to those who curse the armed gangs and blame them for  what is going on that if you don’t learn to forgive and accept the evils of the whole world even If you could see them manifested in the devil himself, the war will go on. ...
we attracted to ourselves this destruction and all those armed gangs and these conspiracies so that it can teach us forgiveness because it is what we lack. We slept for a long time ..we became like the dead..... we’re totally overlooking so many fundamental realities. And we’ve been doing that for ages.. not realizing how great the rift is between the members of the one family, living in the same home ... couples live together but each lives in his own world In order to avoid clashing into the other’s world .. Just enter any house and look closely at the way we think and how we deal with the children of the family, how the husband and wife’s relationship is, or the manager and the employee’s relationship is. It is about the thoughts .. the Intentions .. Whether we express it out loud to each other or not .. When I say in every house I mean literally in every home. I mean, even in my home and in my own family!! I more than anyone need to learn about love ... To learn how to accept my husband and forgive him.
And how to accept my mother and my father and how to forgive them
How to accept my son’s imperfections and to make peace with it.
Even the most "knowledgeable" person in syria, the one with the longest and whitest beard writes on his Facebook page that "his friend is being harassed by a bad person."
But as long as we insist on seeing the world as black and white ... And as long as we are using the term “good” and “bad” ... and “the oppressor” and “the oppressed” ...
oh God. how unfair I myself have been***(3)
“and the injustice they do, they do only to themselves
sometimes a touch, a hand on someone’s shoulder.. a Look of sincerity from deep inside the heart, might turn the enemy into a friend
but let’s start by befriending ourselves first .. And the people that are closest to us .. to accept them the way they are.
we must learn to love each other unconditionally.. and if we do not, we will never save any one. Not even ourselves.. and that which is coming is even greater.... A planetary desctruction .. It is the call of nature .. it is God calling us to go back home. To go back to him .. To unconditional love…
Thank you, armed gangs.. Thank you “shabeeh”.. Thanks for all that u bring .. Because they are opportunities that can allow mankind to awaken from its slumber ..

we say “the patience of Job”.. Job kept praising his Lord and thanking him even when leprosy stroke him and organs of his body started to fall after they’d be eaten alive from the inside.
sometimes we dislike that which is offered as an opportunity for growth. Because we don’t realize the opportunity.
Humans are on the verge of extinction .. By the means of self-destruction .. and nothing will save us but compassion..





*(1) Quoting the prophet Mouhammad. He is basically saying that it is not by coincidence that  certain men reache a certain position. the one who reaches a position of power over you and who can exercise such authority is but a mirror of what is inside you. It is never without your consent that a certain situation is the way it is, whether u are conscious of It or not. it is because u have been depending on authority.. And unless u start seeing the evils inside of u that are preventing u from becoming independant souls, u will always end up attracting a governor in whom your inner evils will be reflected.. ..


**(2), ***(3), ****(4): these are verses of the Quran. The Quran is the “bible” of muslims.. since I have written this initially in Arabic, and since I’ve been raised in a muslim culture, I found it appropriate to use those verses.. I heard such verses as a child, never fully realizing the meaning. The second (two) citations are an allusion to reincarnation.