so universe.. hear me well. if you provide me with a big enough place with many enough rooms, i will turn it into a place for people to come and have faciliateted holotropic breathwork and TRE exercises.... facilitated by me, i will be giving my presence and all support i can.. just by being there. and also, of course, there wil be a LOT of dancing. and people will inspire one another to be possessed by music and let go.. but first i will lead the way. since im so good at being possessed.. by music.. and everything else. i will be leading the way cause no one knows how to let go anymore.. and most importantly no one knows how to just BE from a place in the heart. a place of giving without any shame or hesitaion.. but knowing also when to stop.. or when to help others walk their own path, on their own two feet. both are needed.. without any shame or fear.. gift meee.. a way to share my love



****** Rocks and raw crystals.. glowing shells and rusty pieces of wood. tender sounds and healing touch. foamy seas . wet earth and dewy grass. incense and essence. . Jasmins and roses. much can be done. Much can be undone. wild wind take me. Unmake me. In my last breath wake me. To my death take me. Cant run away nowhere to stay. Only to nature i must obey. The wind and the river. The sun and the sand. above and below . take my breath in a single blow. No more of this show . Inside is the only where to go.


******* ****** *********

bathing in sunlight.. waiting for the seawave to come close to shore so i can jump in it gracefully throwing a kiss to the sea.... ..sitting at night on the sands waiting for the fuzzy white muss to gently touch my feet or wet my behind.. dancing at night in the moonlight, my feet gripped in the wet sand allowing me to move in circles.. . cant u see the wonder of the sea.. if only u felt how alive it is... u'd drown in sacred sealove.... i miss summer.. i may have once been married to the sea.. .. my only wish is that i be swallowed forever back there


******* ****** *********


what i love the most is soulful conversations ... sometimes found in the deep silence of two bright eyes.
or in a song that weaves her own drum-filled melodies shivering my body and heart through the marrow and bones... turning me to stardust.
as in the Alhambra live performance of "a Mystic's dream" -"aaaallll for the love of you!!"
and "caravanserail"'s mystic lyrics otherworldly transporting me into sweet divine enchantments .. performed by Loreena..
or a healing native indian american chant.. of jose cabezas flute..
or the angelic kulning in "machi" - peia luzzi.
or as in the eternal sun shine. the one that damascus inhales.
bike riding across a field of wild flowers.. reaching the shore, then away with it all, walking barefoot on the beach, immersing my toes in that divine foam... pic-nics by you side.. tango dances me.. making love under the trees .... but in the end, hear me not, none of it matters, hear me too... only the end is true, only this death is due. this inner crumbling.. as when bones turn to stardust.. . *******




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