I keep looking for stuff to read about the things that interest me the most.. rarely do I ever find something that i am attracted to read.

During my school days I also used to be very bad in mathematics, physics, grammar, etc.. especially as I grew older in the later years. Now even the poetry I used to like at the time, I cant find anything interesting in it today. after i got to read some of Rumi's or solomon's poetry, how can i want to listen to anything less Divine.

i had the opportunity to teach two very brilliant kids labelled with “ADHD” and two others labelled with “ADD”. I realized there was nothing wrong with them at all. Its not that they were deficient with anything, its that the school subjects are extremely boring.. by contrast, these kids were throbbing with life energy.  just by looking at their eyes, you could see there was something unexplainable. mystery.

one of them liked natural science subjects .. but he wouldn't do well at all in the exam.. he couldnt even sit through the exam to finish writing the answers.

not because there is anything wrong with him but because there is something wrong with our school systems.. instead of sharing we impose, we evaluate and we judge. that is the main role of the teacher.. it is not sharing nor providing loving guidance.

 If we were to teach a completely different approach to math, language, or physics, with an understanding of these kids' evolved abilities.. only then could they be interested to give us some attention.


I found that whatever was interesting to me, was interesting to them..i mean lets not lie to ourselves first and really be honest about our simple nature.. most people still think they’re interested in studying the history of dictatorship ..Probably its because this is how they’ve been taught or “programmed” to think since childhood. They know no other way. they see everything in the world as a separate classification..

So to understand these kids, lets first open our hearts and get in touch with our most basic intuitive perception. If you do that you will realize that the child in you wants to learn about a subject that touches you on a personal level. Then you would also want to experiment with the subject on so many levels..

For example, in traditional Chinese medicine, they understand that each organ in the body corresponds to an element, (i.e a phase of evolution in nature)  and to a certain period of time during the day.. each organ was also associated with different forms of self expression, different emotions and different food.. etc. that way the picture gets much bigger, and so does our perception and our abilities. They stretch out.. it is a much more “WHOListic approach” because those who developed this science through generations experienced the fact that their bodies and their physical health is  undeniably related to their emotions, to their motives to their food, to their environment, to the planets.. etc .. and its a constant cycle of change. now some people are bringing this forgotten science of “the whole” back.  That great ancient wisdom that we once possessed …

So you see.. that’s what im looking for when I am looking for a course to attend or a book to read about gemstones for example.. but I rarely find that.. because even when they do talk about Chinese medicine and how organs are related to 5 elements, they make it sound so dull and so dead.. Because the way they perceive Chinese medicine is still through the mind.. the mind dissects...

i rarely am attracted to finish an article because of all the linearity of perception that is being followed throughout the article.( some call it “logic”.)

 I enrolled in a school to study traditional Chinese medicine once. I just couldn’t put up with how un-intelligent and dull the teacher ‘s view on the subject was. I thought he was supposed to take me into new worlds i've never been to before.. or at least that he would make us use our personal experiences and common sense to come up to certain conclusions..  but instead, he was just giving a linear talk.

When I am giving a lesson to a kid that I am teaching, I most definitely address his intelligence, not his “logic”... to me true intelligence is much more than logic. it is beyond logic.. it is the intuitive ability to relate a personal experience with a cosmic Divine dance in nature.  Some people call it the “laws” of nature, but I think its just the pulse of nature.  intelligence is the ability to feel this cosmic dance in your heart and realize that u’re extending your heart and body cells everytime you learn about new ways of relating... new ways of finding out about the new different “relationships” in this universe..

See.. its not just that the organs of the body have a relationship with the stars and the moon.. it is that relationships  between people are the most important thing on earth too.. its what i found out.

It’s the purpose of why we are on earth.. just to relate.. just one person.. start by having one fulfilling intimate relationship with just one person.


But what kind of relationships are we making today.. we spend so much time wasting  unnecessary and meaningless emotions and words with aquaintances we call "friends" but that we barely know (especially us arabs). that we have not one true authentic  feeling  left to share with the closest people to us..

In the west, it’s the fact that we avoid the whole thing all together.. we avoid relationships.. "if its not business,  leave me alone."

No wonder these kids can't give our bullshit any attention.. everything is so disconnected… even the parents are disconnected from each other and from themselves. how is it going to be any different when it comes to how we perceive the function of numbers and math.

I once heard a person saying that he knows how to give good massages because he reads about how to do it on the internet.. I tried to bring a book that would teach that.. i tried to also search for  websites about this subject..  I realized  I could copy new “techniques” if I can read the instructions the way he did, but its boringly absurd.  I'd rather give massages the way I feel intuitively  guided to, because  I do a pretty good job if I just do it playfully.. i know exactly what points in the body to touch and which way to touch them. and if i ever find a book on massage that is interesting enough, i'll definitely love to read and learn.

 In the Chinese medicine school they taught us about meridians.. meridians are paths of energy on the body.. but i couldnt want to memorize names and pathways if I was not gonna know first how and why each meridian is related to an organ and to a type of energy that I needed to unblock... yet they told us that the first step was to memorize the map and the names. how dull.

Just showing me a map on the body and then describing how the lines on the map go about is meaningless.

The video the teacher showed us was of exactly that.. meridians on a body and a man  saying that  this meridian goes from point “a” to point “b” to point “c” all the way to “d”..

linear lives.. linear everything... its like we live in a two dimensional world.. I know people say that most of humanity’s perception is stuck at the third dimensional level.. but sometimes it looks like we’re even more stupid than that….

Why is it that I can see heights within heights and rivers within rivers?? A meridian is “a river of energy in the body"… it is supposed to be studied as such.. not just as a map line. and just, why dissect and separate theory from practical experience when u're a college offering to teach massage on a professional level?

maybe after all we just need more poetry in our lives.. or more sensuality.. poetry and science are not that distinct, they are not that separate.. they are contained within one another and they lead to one another. They are both seas and when two seas meet, a river within a river, a bridge is created. Why don’t we teach our kids how to ride rivers and then dive into a million other universe.. why do we have to ponder so much for so long on the most evident things.. on the silliest details..

Poetry subjects should become a little more mystical and math should become a lot more mystical. an experience.

and then we should encourage guessing too.. kids should start guessing things. a teacher shouldnt give them all the information all at once.. sometimes their guessings are more poetic ways of saying the same scientific truth. they are capable of creativity. they are unique. even at the young age of two years old. we should just give them a voice.

Its so true what they say, that our societies are ruled by too much male energy... they call it also. patriarchal authority.

A lesson should be a dance class, not a boring lecture with kids sitting straight and raising their hands to ask questions.. it should be spontaneous interaction.. only then can they learn about  the laws of nature.. because the laws of nature operate through them.. through their spontaneity.. they are experiencing them everyday..  if you talk about the laws of physics and nature and you can’t even understand the laws of physics operating through a child’s natural bodily interaction with his entourage.  or through his vibrant alive approach.. his imaginative and playful nature.. then what can u understand..

And if u have to give them something to listen to.. at least give them  a firework show. whatever needs to be expressed through you, in whatever form of playful creative expression.. its about time we become universal.. multi-dimensional.. what is with this obsession called ORDER.. we see "right behaviour” and "wrong behaviour".. it is sick.. this obsession with order and judgements..   order is what creates linear thinking.. nature creates no straight orderly lines.. she creates curves.. she goes up and down, in and out.. however she feels like it. That’s how the most gracious beauty of all beauty is made. we just need to get in touch with that..

( and google “dome natural-disaster resistant eco environmental architecture”)


Please, if you have a child who is smart enough not to be able to follow the stupid waste of time they call “education” in schools.. if he has a “hard time” following orders or “behaving as expected”. its because he is not a robot.. most people ARE. We live in de-sensitized robotized societies..

These kids are usually very angry or have a very obviously aggressive side  that they can not repress and need to express.. (even though, believe me, they try hard not to, because they want to get their parents approval.. no kids doesn’t want that.)

Please understand why they are angry.. what kind of societies did we bring them into??   They were not created to fit in the system, they were created to break it.

They may seem to be very  rough  on the outside.. but inside they are softer and lighter than a feather.. so they need your support.. if you don’t give it to them, they will grow up just fine on their own, they will have the experiences they need to have in order for them to develop unconditional self-acceptance.. but if you can provide that kind of acceptance to them in their childhood.. you would be saving them a lot of un-necessary confusion.

We should be learning from these indigo children.. ive learned so much from them.. ive learned much more than ive taught them..

We claim we want peace on earth.. lets start by respecting our children.. respecting nature.. respecting a higher form of intelligence within us.. because it seems like the kind of patriarchal system we’ve been worshipping hasn’t saved us from any epidemic. Things are only becoming worse..

But we can change that. Just start by being more aware of the subtle




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