Homosexuality is an unacceptable concept to some.. I think that by accepting this phenomenon,  it doesn’t necessarily mean that we are denying the fact that it is an “abnormality” or that it contradicts human nature.

To each his own experiences and none of us is as nature intended for him to be anyways. We have all diverted from nature and most relationships if not all are kind of against nature or “ abnormal ” in a way. Divinity is Nature and Nature wants us to discover her. That could mean that we sometimes divert away from her to the extreme so we can learn how to recognize her and to become more sensitive to her subtle presence in us.

for example, I used to think that I understand and know myself very well but I discovered that the more I advanced forward on my path in life the more I found that I am in truth regressing and not advancing at all. This regression to nature is what some call “Destiny” but it is always up to you to choose whether you want to postpone your destiny, or are you ready to uncover layers of your ignorance with every step you take. I used to think that I prefer winter season then I found out I prefered summer season and hot weather. I used to think I am female but then I found that I am also male. The more uncovered Divinity was, the more I realized that I don’t know who or what I am. I realized that I am the sun and the moon, winter and summer, morning and night. the more I swim in the width of my being, the bigger the mystery grows. Discovering my potentials is a never-ending process.

When u reach the closest state there is to your nature you will not even need a lover because the lover will be interwoven in you. The whole game of material embodiment is after all an “abnormality”.

The path or the person or the thing through which we discover ourselves is therefore not important.. its color or its sex is not important. These are all symbols, but we all drink from the one and same source.. that is love.

It IS true though, that if the homosexual person truly intends to learn from his experiences, like any other person on this path, he will sooner or later long to experience that which is more opposite to his nature, that which is farther away from his nature, depending on the nature or the position that he chooses to take of course. And we all change our “positions” constantly until we realize that nature is the one taking “positions” in us and not the opposite. This is why we notice that people throughout history in the past used to mate with their relatives or with people who share the same religion or the same race which is why they were not very smart. But now people on earth are not only from different mixed races but even from different planets and galaxies. Mating is now happening on a much deeper level than ever before.

We all come from different origins but the character of the spirit which has gone through more different and more paradox experiences before other spirits will become more refined and more distinguished. Just like the dough when it is kneaded or hammered, bubbles may appear and pores open up, so it becomes easier to digest. Its odor will also fill the air. The same thing happens to the statue when it is sculpted. Or to the seed which has to struggle through the coarse layers, the darkness, the wind, the storm.. That is why our spirit goes through harsh experiences in the body, it experiences suffering or it goes through death.. and then it is revived again, goes through another birth.. and so on.