pumpkin Kibbeh (or pumpkin casserole)

the most famous kind of pumpkin in the Americas is the sweet orange pumpkin. but for this kubbeh you need the other kind of pumpkin (like white).

the ingredients i use are pumpkin, bulgur, onions, sea salt, ginger, cracked walnuts.

I soak the bulgur in water and wait for it to become soft. (it becomes edible when it's soft enough) . I slice pumpkin flesh and cook it in simmering boiled water.. but don’t cover the pumpkins with water, because they are naturally made of a lot of water so if u cover them with water they will become too mushy, and we need the right consistency.. so half-cook them with a bit of water in a pan.

After that take out the bulgur from the water it was soaking in, and drain it. I do this by squeezing each scoop of bulgur  in my fist. So then I add equal parts of bulgur and pumpkin in the blender with an onion or more (depending on the quantity u are making) and then I add ginger and  sea salt. if u are adding fresh ginger which is more flavorful, be careful not to add too much.

When they are blended, I take half of the mixture and spread it evenly at the bottom of the oven-casserole. Then I make the filling, which is cracked walnuts and diced onions, I sauté them with good quality vegetable oil and some sea salt. I spread the filling. Then I spread the second half of the mixture on top.. and I put it in the oven to bake, until the surface becomes golden.



**Radish salad (with moujaddara)

You can eat it with bread also.
in the picture is moujaddara made with brown rice (and cumin and a pinch of curcumin spice) and by its side, radish salad. i love radish salad especially with moujaddara..

to make radish salad u grate radishes using a cheese grater. grating them allows their juices to come out. then u add tahini (sesame butter) and lemon juice and crushed garlic and sea salt. u can also add radish leaves..


Dates Ma’moul (date-filled cookies)

I added like half a kilo of barley flour or more.. then i added maybe a cup of tahini.. and when i found out it was a little dry i added a bit of water.. and then i kneaded it. so knead the dough and see. if it is not holding together then its too dry it needs more tahini. if its too sticky then it needs more flour.. then u take a small piece of the dough and u press it against ur palm .. make a thin layer of dough on ur palm and then fill it with dates paste.

u make the dates' paste by putting dates in the oven and then u take them out when they become soft enough and u mash them with a mashing tool. u put a piece of dates' paste on the dough layer that is on your palm then u cover the dates' paste with the dough and you close the dough with your fingers.. then u roll it between ur hands. then u press it slightly against a flat surface. what i did is i brought a small dish on which there was a flower shape engraved on its back. i pressed the ball with the dish and i got a flowerprint.. u can use any "mold".. then u put it in the oven for until its ready. as i recall it stayed in oven for 20 to 30 mintes...


Angelic shit :P

caramelized peanuts. i brought plain dry-roasted peanuts, no salt added. i put them in a small pan and poured dates’ mollasses (date juice concentrate) on them. then i added cinnamon powder and cooked for just a few minutes together. (the cinnamon is optional - and u can use any sweet mollasses you preffer)
I did add a bit too much cinnamon in the picture which is why they appear reddish... i left them aside to cool before i ate them.


** see note in recipe "tahini-ginger-basil dressing" on next page  





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