sweet potatoes cookie (mildly sweet)

ingredients: 1 large sweet potatoe

“Quick oats” (fine oat flakes) – maybe 1 cup or more  ?..  just add in as needed.


How to: Boil water then put the sweet potatoe in water and simmer on low heat for 30 minutes.

Allow it to cool so you can peel it with your bare hands. Then peel it and puree it.

Now pour  the quick oats over the mashed puree.. you just keep adding oats gradually until u have desired consistency.. the consistency should hold in your hands so that u form little “burger” shaped  “cookies”.. of any size u want.

Put it in the oven for approzimately 20 to 30 minutes.. Im not sure how long I left it in the oven, but  I made shure the surface was crunchy .. take it out and let it cool.. u will have a cookie that is chewy on the inside and crunchy on the outside.. so yummy and not too sweet. Just perfect.              

















Tahini-ginger-basil dressing:

In Syrian cuisine Garlic is used so often in salads. But my friend told me recently that garlic and onion family are considered toxic in Ayurveda (especially so if consumed raw).  I tried to stop consuming them the way I used to and indeed my health improved, my face became more radiant and I had no dark circles around my eyes.

One good way to use a garlic-free yet flavorful healthy salad dressings is by using pomegranate molasses.. (sugar-free of course)

But to substitute the hot flavor of the garlic in salads I came up with a recipe… I used tahini because tahini is used as salad dressing also in Syrian cuisine, along with garlic. Since I know macrobiotics is the way to go for me when it comes to what I eat, I didn’t want to replace the garlic with hot pepper. (hot pepper is a night-shade plant)  I replaced it with ginger.. and even though powdered ginger is less flavorful than fresh ginger, it worked well in the recipe.. I also added basil and it tasted like a more westernized version of a salad dressing too! It was really good, so im sharing the recipe with u. I didn’t take precise measurements , so this is approximate:


Ingredients: Teaspoon of olive oil or more (As needed), One Tablespoon of vinegar, Two or three tablespoons tahini, One tablespoon lemon juice, Seasalt, A pinch of curcumin (or 1/5 teaspoon), 1/3 or Half a teaspoon  of powdered ginger., Lots of dried basil leaves, Water if and as needed


How to: So basically, u mix the ingredients together in a small bowl, until u get a saucy- mixture. If you need to add water, add some water.. sometimes I add the water of the pickles I make and that way I don’t need to add salt.

In the end, u add lots of basil..

And that’s it  (picture is approximate but not accurate)



Bulgur & Zucchini:

Ingredients:  One cup Bulgur ( I preffer coarse Bulgur for this one),  One cup and ¼ water,

Three or four green Zucchinis, Cilantro (half a bunch or as desired), Two tablespoons olive oil (or another kind of cold-pressed oil), Pinch of powdered nutmeg, Seasalt

How to: You dice the zucchinis on a cutting board .. I suggest u cut each zucchini twice in length so that it forms quarters sections (four quarts)  then u put it on the cutting board and cut the quarts into small pieces by slicing the zucchini in width.

Anyways, it is not important how u dice the zucchinis. Don’t make the pieces to small nor too big.

Finely chop half the cilantro bunch once.

Bring the one and ¼ cup of water to a boil, add the bulgur,  then simmer on low heat, and add the zucchinis, the cilantro, the sea salt.. after 15 minutes of simmering add one tablespoon of cold-pressed olive oil. (or any cold-pressed oil)

After all water has evaporated, and that is approximately 20 minutes of simmering on low heat, turn off the heat and add the second tablespoon of olive oil.

Enjoy with a side-dish of fresh salad ( I use olive oil, lemon juice, dried mint leaves and seasalt for the salad dressing) (picture is approximate but not accurate..

(i contributed this recipe and other recipes to the website "women's healthy environments"

link:: http://www.womenshealthyenvironments.ca/bulgur-zucchini-a-syrian-middle-eastern-recipe/


















































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