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Salma Nassif, Born in 1986 in Syria

I Specialize in teaching Toddlers using Glenn Doman’s method, and working with children who have learning “disorders” or who are labelled “ADHD” (To me they simply are rebellious spirits who have come to earth at this unique time to inspire us to revolutionize our  methods )

My lesson does NOT look like a lesson and i do not look like a teacher. 

this is one email i got from a parent one day, and beneath it was my reply to her:

Q: Are you fluent in French? I want you to teach my 6 year old boy.


 A: i am fluent in french but what i do is not teaching french. french learning comes as a plus. i mainly do "psychological full rehab" if you wish to call it so. but it is beyond psychology.

i dont deal with the kid as a computer mind. i deal with him as a whole, as a person... and so this usually mean many weaknesses will be worked on.. by just letting them be there so the child can finally let go instead of react to supression.

from experience of working with kids i see that most of the child's "issues" are not issues at all, they are normal behaviour and normal part of a rebellious individual who has a spirit to shine. most times the child's "issues" are "issues" according to parents or to teachers and this is where it ends. it is in the minds of those who are programed to judge things a certain way  (we all are on one level or another judgemental)..  so the one who will have to rehabilitate himself on the inside out more than anyone is the parents! they need to be cooperative with me, so that they can see results.. they will see results in themselves more than in the child.. the child is only mirrorring them. and he will always be. if you want your child to change, change yourself.


below is a biography about myself that i wrote for a website called SMASHON.COM which i was called to take part in, as an "expert".


About Salma Nassif:

Is from Syria

She learned English and Spanish on her own, and already knew French because of having lived in Quebec in her childhood.

In Damascus,  She worked in the field of teaching kids who had “learning difficulties”. She taught them English and French but she realized that more than anything she had to deal with their “difficulties”.. she clearly saw that some cases were not “difficulties” at all, but in fact the opposite. Very smart kids with rebellious mature spirits.. but society and school systems around the world does not tolerate this, so they created a label like “ADHD” or “ADD” to fit them under. Truth is there is nothing wrong with them, but there is something fundamentally wrong with  school systems which is why these kids came to earth, to point out this  particular thing. To point out  that all human societies on earth are built on fundamentally wrong principles. (yes I know, we talk about all the “good” principles” but whats really driving our acts and motivating our desires is not any of the “good” principles we talk about! We do not walk the talk!)

Some of the kids she taught though indeed DID have learning difficulties or mental disabilities of one kind or another. She realized, because of having to deal with these different kids, that she is learning to understand layers of herself by understanding them unconditionally and giving them the support they needed, while at the same time sharing the knowledge.. not through “discipline” as defined in nowadays terms, but just by just being herself, not doing what she does not want and not requesting that the kid does what he does not want either. She respects the individuality of the child and does not expect the child to respond unless he wants to, and likewise commands that the child also respects and sees her individuality by not responding when she does not feel like it.

This is more like a friendship relationship between the student and the teacher, and it is how it is supposed to be, because in reality the “Teacher” and “student” role is interchangeable, and  she found herself learning from the children she taught even more than what they learned from her.

She also  found that because of her innate understanding and receptive nature, kids were showing layers of themselves when they were with her that they did not reveal to anyone before.. for example she saw the repetitive pattern of sexual arousal  in kids ages 2 and 4 year olds! Science is realizing how sugar, hormones, Genetically modified Organisms, and chemical additives are all contributing to all kind of mental diseases and hormonal imbalances.. so Salma is also very well educated in the area of natural Nutrition and health.. she knows that the constantly rising problems the newer generations are facing are not just caused by our sick systems  and wrongly  practiced values but also by the food we eat, the lifestyle we have, the physical environment we live in. all are contributors.

When teaching kids languages Salma uses “Glenn doman’s” method for kids younger than  6 years old.. But what Salma primarily does is not teaching languages, she offers the opportunity of a spntaneous spirit-body-mind rehabilitation for the child, as long as the parents also agree to cooperate and change their perspectives and daily habits.

This “rehabilitation” happens automatically through spontaneous interaction with the child, only by not supressing his nature and acting by your own nature. Mutual respect of boundaries.





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