i watched on youtube a video made by Matias de Stefano, entitled: totall recall by indigo child matias de stefano.

the video was very interesting, especially the part in which he talked about indigo children's education, because he said everything i have been saying.

the way he puts it is very clear. about "learning every bone in the body" i would like to say that: one of the reasons why i quit studying Traditional Chinese Medicine at that institute was that half the course was about traditional western anatomy, i had to memorize the names of each bone, each muscle and each function of the organs according to western medicine. i thought it was stupid and a waste of time, because i was studying chinese medicine not western medicine.

i also hear there are many different schools of feng shui, one of them teaches to use your intuition, not the compass.

so, here are the words of Matias de stefano, from that video i watched, about indigo kids' education:



"The best way that the parents can help them is by forgetting about them and by starting to listen to themselves instead."

The new time - A new education:

"The education, no matter how many changes it has gone through in history, it always had the essence of teaching how to learn on earth.

For example

Physical education: to adapt to the physical world,

Physics, And Chemistry: to learn about the formation of things

Economy and Natural sciences: to manage resources to survive,

Mathematics and technology: about the logic and God’s body

Languages: about the communication between beings

Psychology and ethics: about the relationship with beings.

Education should help us to adapt to the world to consciously learn how to live with the world. To learn about ourselves and the rest as a whole. The problem that society is having now is, “what must we do with these indigo children”? should we close them up in school, let them destroy the world? What must adults do with the indigo children, and what must the indigo children do with the adults?

The indigo children have come to transmute whatever they can, so they are going to do it at the beginning, through what we think is “non-action”. What “non-action” really does is to stop the social flow, stop the movement, it is like a counter-action of what one expects of an indigo revolution.

The idea of having to create something new is not the first reaction of an indigo. The first reaction is to sit down and do nothing that promotes a system. So to create an education and society for an indigo child is very difficult.

This difficulty is something that adults are going to have to face for at least the next two decades.

When people start to see that any type of teaching system they try, is going to fail somehow

Because the indigo has not come to stay on the planet. The indigo vibration changes the context for what is going to stay after.

So what to be done is to allow them to express their creativity of change in the best way possible. learning has to be totally flexible to adapt to their generation, and to their creation and work on planet earth.

For this to happen it is necessary to break the education system that we are used, to which is based on memorizing, competition,  abuse of authority, lack of creativity and imagination. The importance of what is “mental” over “what comes from the emotions”. A new system should base itself on the feelings, learning through experimentation and discovery which encourages integration.

This is what can adapt best to an indigo’s vibration, because we can't bring in any system that directly conducts their learning.

it must be a wide system that accepts any type of system: ancient, modern, and even future, and that allows an extension of the vision of learning that goes beyond just educating. It instead goes towards the integration of the human being from when one is born until one dies. It allows every pedagogical system to unite and debate. not to create a new school, but to create a new way of learning. It goes further than what any of us have had to come and work for in education.

This is actually why us indigos and crystals have come here for. To learn and to help learn. And nothing else.

Where do we learn about the eco systems?

By visiting a forest or with a photograph in a book?

Where do we learn about how to use our bodies?

Dancing and playing or in a notebook with complex words?

How do we learn a language?

By writing and reading? Or by communicating and verbally expressing ourselves with a group?

How do we learn the theorem of Pythagoras?

By memorizing the formula or by discovering it the same way pythagoras did?

We know that the earth spins around the sun, but do we ever look up at the sky trying to understand why?

So learning happens through practice and experience, not by theorizing.

The theory is only useful to understand a part of what is important. Some tools with which one can work with an indigo child: well, more than work, is to help guide so they can fulfill their mission.

everything useful that the teacher teaches, for example, things the kids have to do at home, school or society, must be applicable inside the school, house and society. teachers mustn’t teach useless things like learning about every bone in the body, every element in the cell , or complex mathematics. We are beings (“indigo/crystal”) that come from sixth to thirteenth dimension to try to promote the fourth and fifth dimension inside the third.

If they close us up in a class to teach us mathetmatics of the second dimension, when we are promoting the fifth, it becomes a bit difficult.

So everything that is taught should be applicable to the everyday life. Because that is really where our job is, where we must all work. Now the world can be seen in the fourth dimension, it is wide and circular towards all directions. So to use a blackboard to give the information is not a positive thing, but it would be to use the walls, it is a tool, all the kids now write on the walls. they can use the blackboard of the class to write a list.

Also, they must be taught to not feel afraid of nature, the dark, thunder, wind… this would help them a lot to move in the integration of things and not in the polarity of things.

But the most important people who can manage all of this are obviously the parents and teachers. They are the first ones that have to change their vision and the first ones that must break their concepts of sociability.

This means, for the parents: stop being parents. Parents really should start to be guides. Guides of life, not to tell us what must be done and how. They should give advice about what is best to do, so to be a guide or companion.

The same with the teacher, the teacher should be someone who learns with the students, a learning companion, someone with whom u can have an argument to learn, and it doesn’t matter.

And it doesn’t matter how much one thinks one knows about something, there is always something new to understand. And it must be learned together. So to take into consideration that the parents must become guides, and the teachers must become companions.




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